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For Corelli Musici everything’s ready for your celebration:

We bring beautiful music to make your wedding…unforgettable. A special celebration like this requires important elements. With violins…sounds great!

It will be our privilege to be part of your memories. Call us…the pleasure is ours.


You wish refinement for that unique ocassion in your lifetime beside geting liturgy content in the chants, like it got to be. Corelli Musici did a mix that includes…all!

We combine baroque style to the chants in the ceremony, such as Vivaldi’s or Corelli’s music

Yes, we are authorized by the Archdiocese of Yucatan, recognizing our respect for the Sacred


Full Orchesta

  • 7 Violins
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Recorder
  • Piano harpsichord
  • 2 Soprano
  • YES, I DO

Medium Set

  • 2 Violins
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Recorder
  • Piano harpsichord
  • 2 Soprano
  • YES, I DO

Basic Quartet

  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Piano harpsichord
  • 1 Soprano
  • YES, I DO



  • 8 ViolinS
  • Electric piano
  • Trumpet
  • Flute
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Electric Bass
  • Percussion
  • 2 Singers
  • YES, I DO



We accept

Address: 228, 27th St between 24 – 26 Miguel Aleman, Col. Alemán, Mérida Yucatán
Tel: (999) 287-25-83

Cel: (999) 343-19-46

Cel: (999) 445-75-86

Email : contacto@corellimusici.com

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Violín principal

Felipe de J. Cervera - Director

Violín principal
Flauta barroca Trompetista

Bernardo Oramas

Flauta barroca Trompetista

Mario Valadez

Guitarra clásica, Bajo, Tenor

David Ortíz

Guitarra clásica, Bajo, Tenor
Violín Viola Tuba

David Silva

Violín Viola Tuba
Soprano Piano Clarinete

Laura Moguel

Soprano Piano Clarinete


  • Ligia Soberanis

    Ligia Soberanis

    We are pleased to say how happy and glad we were with the service and musical quality of Corelli Musici at our wedding. It was unforgettable for us and we still remember it. We highly recommend it.

    Austin, Texas, USA
  • Katia Martínez

    Katia Martínez

    Very satisfied with Corelli Musici. Dream team of musicians who gracefully pass from the classic intimate concert at Mass to dance music of all kinds for the party. Also friendly, very talented. Widely recommended.

    Mi Boda - Waterloo, Bélgica
  • Irving Garza

    Irving Garza

    “It was excellent to delight my ears; and the songs of the church: it was what I liked the most”

    Mi Boda
  • Iliana Medina

    Iliana Medina Ramirez

    I will never forget the Latin American Wedding Congress, when people came with tears in their eyes after the reception with Vivaldi or the tour to the chapel with the Ave María in the voice of the soprano, it made us stand upright! If I recommend them? ... How not to recommend a group of professionals who are able to move us that way!

    My Wedding
  • Emmanuel Canto

    Emmanuel Canto

    I loved it. Very happy with it, something unique, out of the ordinary, adds elegance and an inexplicable feeling. Listening to violins fills your eyes with tears. It’s what I most remember about the mass

    My Wedding
  • Elizabeth Lavadores

    Elizabeth Lavadores

    Excellent quality and great professionalism. The sound of the violins gives a special touch in the mass, also at the party. Congratulations, get success!

    My Wedding
  • Ari Vargas

    Ari Vargas

    We were lucky to hire Corelli Musici for our wedding and the result was more than we expected: the music of the event was distinguished by its elegance and quality, we received very good comments from our guests

    My Wedding - CD México


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